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  • Anti-Aging: Significant reduction of the appearance of wrinkles
  • Moisturize: Contributes to skin moisturizing and firming
  • Protection: Potent antioxidant and moisturizer protecting skin from oxidative damages
  • Elasticity: Aids in regeneration of healthy skin cells


Vitamin C: Potent antioxidant (protects skin from oxidative damages); anti-aging effects while improving skin elasticity and enhances collagen production and avoids hyperpigmentation.

Tripeptide 5: Has been found to stimulate collagen synthesis in skin and significantly improve the appearance of any type of wrinkle. Contributes to skin firming and moisture properties. May reduce the appearance of stretch marks. In a clinical study with 60 volunteers a significant reduction of the appearance of wrinkles was shown after use of 84 days.

Cucumber Fruit Extract: A natural skin emollient and softener with cooling and astringent properties.

Honey: Our apiary is owned and operated by beekeeper Wayne Vitale at Spy Coast Bee Farm where the air is fueled by rich north fork winds across Setauket Harbor’s “Spy Coast” of Long Island, New York. In the process the honey bees pollinate flowers and fruit and encourage the natural way of life.

Vitamin E: Provides antioxidant activity and protects skin from damages by oxygen radicals. Skin can enjoy feeling moisturized and may improve the appearance of aged skin, provide soothing and promotes rejuvenation.

ProVitamin 5: Offers moisturizing properties protecting skin against irritating properties and promoting regeneration of skin.

Aloe Vera Juice: A potent moisturizer, regenerating & soothing agent. Helps improve the appearance of aging dry skin by promoting skin elasticity.

Ginger Milk: Detoxifying and hydrating skin that stimulates an appearance of even skin tones.

PrintThis product is made with Setauket Gold Honey
“Setauket Gold Honey” is a verified product that is produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard—that means ongoing testing of all major GMO risk ingredients, facility inspections and an annual audit to ensure we’re meeting the highest possible standards for GMO avoidance.

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